Nomenclature Ethyl Chloride,Chloroethane
Formula CH3CH2CI
CAS Number 75-00-3
Molecular Weight 64.5 gm/mole
Appearance Liquefied gas
Assay ( by G.C) 99.90% Min
Moisture Content 250 ppm w/w Max
Acidity as HCl or Alkalinity as NaOH 10 ppm w/w Max
Uses: Used for Ethyl Cellulose, Dye Intermediates, Pharmaceutical products and in Petrochemical and Polymer industry.
Other Information
Packing 200 Kgs. & 600 Kgs. Cylinders and in IMO 5 gas tank
UN Number 1037
Storage Keep away from direct sunlight, heat or flame
Precautions Toxic and irritating gases are produced in a fire. Highly flammable liquefied gas