Nomenclature Trichloroacetic acid ethyl ester
Formula C4H5Cl3O2
CAS No. 515-84-4
Molecular weight 191.44 g/mol
Appearance Clear liquid

Assay (by G.C) 99.00 % Min.
Moisture content (by Karl Fischer) 0.02 % w/w Max.
Ethyl dichloroacetate 0.20 % w/w Max.
Trichloroacetic acid 0.10 % w/w Max.
USES : Catalyst Activator with polymorisation catalyst

Other information
Packing In HDPE carboys , drums or IBC.
Storage Keep containers tightly closed, in a cool, dry and well ventilated place,away from light and spark
Precautions Irritant to skin and eyes. Use gloves, goggles, apron and appropriate face mask.Handle in a closed system to avoid contact with air